The 10 Point 'Health Wealth Review'

Keeping You On Track...
  1. Personal details
    Have these changed and what requires attention?
  2. Income and expenditure
    Have there been any changes to your income or regular outgoings?
  3. Loans and liabilities
    Reviewing your loans and liabilities, with focus on current interest rates and any new mortgage requirements.
  4. Pension update
    Any changes to your salary, employment status or pension arrangements or requirements for an income when you retire?
  5. Protection, health and savings
    Have provisions made by your employer or your own requirements altered?
  6. Estate planning
    Ensure your wishes are current - has your net estate value changed significantly?
  7. Attitude to risk
    Have your short, medium or long term goals remained the same?
  8. Investment review/rebalancing
    Looking back on performance, markets and benchmarks. Discuss portfolio rebalancing.
  9. Taxation update
    Review threats and opportunities created by changes in legislation.
  10. Aspirations and personal goals
    Are you on track to achieve your financial goals, needs and priorities - have these changed?

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